This website is an outpouring of my need to share my experiences and document the world around me. I began the site as a means to display my nature and adventure photography. Then I started to supplement the photos with detailed notes and beta, and the site evolved into an ever-growing wealth of trip reports from alpine climbs, road trips, and other outdoor exploits. I also use the website as an avenue to present a variety of unique  projects I've dreamed up. 
The scope and size might be intimidating to those first discovering this website, but I've endeavored to make it logically organized. Or, if you are the adventurous type, just navigate through the pages on a whim and enjoy whatever armchair adventures you find yourself on!
What's on my website:
1. Trip Reports
Numerous detailed climbing trip reports of classic climbs I've done, mainly in the North Cascades and BC. Plus a few non-climbing adventures.
You can navigate my trip reports in 3 main ways:
by Clickable Map
by Alphabetical Thumbnail Area Lists
by Chronological Order / Date

2. Projects
Labeled panoramas, posters, photo comparisons, route overlays, articles, statistical studies, drawings, and more unique and creative ways of documenting the world around me!

3. Photography
My recent focus has been on aerial photography and night photography, but in this section you will also find birds, bugs, flowers, animals, mountains, timelapses, photography roadtrips and more!

Who is sTePh?
A brief bio of how I got into climbing and photography, as well as my climbing resume, recovery story, photography equipment, and publications.