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"A Grand Tour of Wintery Northern North Cascades"
Baker, Shuksan, Pickets, Bonanza, Dome, Boston, Forbidden, Eldorado, Lookout Mtn Lookout
DECEMBER 16, 2008

Grand tour of a wintertime northern North Cascades. Flight order: Baker, Shuksan, Picket Range, Snowfield, Bonanza, Gunsight, Sinister, Dome, Spire Point, Boston, Forbidden, Eldorado, Lookout.

The flight path is shown to the right. Click to enlarge. (This flight path is only approximate, as I did not have the GPS data for it but formed it by memory and my photo record.)

Mount Baker
Mt. Shuksan
Mt. Shuksan
Picket Range
Picket Range
Degenhardt and The Pyramid
Crooked Thumb, Ghost, and Phantom
Mt. Challenger
Bonanza Peak
Dome Peak
Boston Peak
Forbidden Peak
Eldorado Peak
Eldorado Peak
Lookout Mtn Lookout