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"Cloud-Capped Cascades Giants"
Glacier, Baker, Colfax, Lincoln, Shuksan
APRIL 4, 2012

Typical of spring weather in the North Cascades, puffy cumulus clouds enveloped the mountains and small squalls hovered in the valleys. We had pretty much given up all hope of mountain photography when we spotted Glacier Peak’s summit fighting its way through a layer of streaming clouds. Photos and even some video ensued. Encouraged, we headed north towards the giant mounts of Baker and Shuksan, which were also poking above the clouds. More photos and video ensued.  Another spectacular evening aloft.

Much of the flying was at 13,000 ft to stay above the cloud layer. The flight totaled 1 hour 38 minutes and 238 air miles, and originated and ended at the airstrip in Concrete.

The flight path is shown to the right. (This flight line is made with actual GPS data.)

Above: Flying around Mt. Shuksan, 12 second video clip.

Glacier Peak
Glacier Peak summit
Glacier Peak summit
Baker, Colfax, Lincoln
Last rays of the day