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"Crevassed Late Summer Glaciers in the North Cascades"
Snowfield, Primus, Klawatti, Dorado Needle, Boston, Sahale, Formidable, Dome, Gunsight, Spire Point, Glacier, Snowking
SEPTEMBER 19, 2012

The main aim of the flight was to photograph glaciers in their icy and crevassed late-summer states. We flew over several notable glaciers, such as the Colonial, Neve, Borealis, Klawatti, Inspiration, Eldorado, McAllister, Boston, Buckner, Formidable, Spider, Blue, Chickamin, Dome, Spire, Glacier Peak’s numerous glaciers, and the Snowking, among others. Midway through the flight, we spotted a forest fire that had been left to burn naturally.

The flight was 1 hour 40 minutes and 247 miles long.

The flight path is shown to the right. (This flight line is made with actual GPS data.)

Valleys & mountains
Snowfield Peak & Neve Glacier
Snowfield Peak & glacier remnant
Primus Peak & Borealis Glacier
Klawatti Peak/Glacier
Dorado Needle & McAllister Glacier
Inspiration Glacier
Boston Peak/Glacier
Boston Glacier
Sahale Peak & glacier remnant
Formidable Peak/Glacier
Forest fire activity
Forest fire activity
Forest fire activity
Dome & Chickimin Glacier
Dome & Chickimin Glacier
Dome & Chickimin Glacier
Gunsight Peak
Gunsight Peak
Spire Point
Glacier Peak
Snowking & Cyclone Lake