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"What a Study Break!"
Baker, Colfax, Mox, Hozomeen, Castle, Challenger
NOVEMBER 10, 2012

This page is for my 1.5-hour 234-mile study break on the chilly afternoon of November 10, 2012. When John Scurlock and I took off, only Mount Baker stood above the clouds. We circled around the mighty volcano taking video and watching the afternoon shadows on the glistening glaciated slopes. Flying around the peaceful skies above the blanket of clouds being much more appealing than studying for math midterms, I was easily convinced to stay aloft for awhile longer. There was the occasional glimpse of a shadowed mountain lurking below, and then, just before sunset, the clouds magically dissipated. We lingered to watch a spectacular show of the day’s last rays of light on North and South Hozomeen before we finally headed back to the airstrip. Thanks John for a study break impossible to regret! 

The flight path is shown to the right. (This flight line is made with actual GPS data.)

Video clip from a 360° tour of Mount Baker. Soundtrack: "Living with the Law" by Chris Whitley.

N Hozomeen
S Hozomeen
N/S Hozomeen
N Hozomeen
N Hozomeen
S Hozomeen