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"Cascades and Clouds"
Whitehorse, Pugh, Glacier, Shuksan, Blum
NOVEMBER 24, 2012

"A relatively short flight with very few mountains visible...but momentous and beautiful.. wild & mysterious..."  -John, in an email the day after.

The first leg of the flight was a short hop to Arlington to fill up on fuel. Then, we returned to the sky and headed eastward. We were a bit skeptical we would find any mountains among the thick stuffing of white clouds, but then we spotted the summit of Glacier Peak poking through in the distance. We seized the brief window of opportunity and flew circles around the summit taking photos and video until the clouds again recaptured the snowy peak. Another experience of Cascades grandeur dancing in our memories, we flew northward back to the airstrip Concrete, making an unexpected yet welcomed detour to photograph a spectacular cloud display on Mt. Shuksan. What a way to spend an afternoon!

The flight (Concrete-Arlington-Concrete) was 1 hour 47 min and 274 miles long.

The flight path is shown above. (This flight line is made with actual GPS data.)

Flying over the summit of Glacier Peak, 30 second clip.
Whitehorse Mtn
Mt. Pugh
Glacier Peak
Glacier Peak
Glacier Peak
Glacier Peak
Mt. Shuksan
Mt. Shuksan
Nooksack Tower
SE Ridge, Shuksan
Mt. Blum
Mt. Blum
Mears Field