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"Aerial Photography of Mt. Olympus and Company"
Olympus, Athena, Tom, Valhallas, Meany, Carrie, Lone Tree
DECEMBER 30, 2012

This was my first aerial adventure over the Olympic Mountains with John Scurlock. During this December afternoon flight John and I photographed the mighty Mt. Olympus, as well as the nearby Valhallas, Mt. Meany, Mt. Carrie, and The Tree at Lone Tree Pass. The Olympics were a winter wonderland after a recent onslaught of snowy storms. The entire flight from Concrete to the Olympics and back to Concrete was 2h10min and 325 miles long. The aerial photography portion of the flight shown in the map below lasted about an hour. 

The flight path is shown to the right. (This flight line is made with actual GPS data.)

Mt. Olympus summit area, from E
Mt. Olympus summit area, from E
Mt. Olympus and Hoh Glacier, from E
Mt. Olympus summit area, from SE
Mt. Olympus, from SE
Mt. Olympus, with Athena and Hermes in foreground, from SE
Mt. Olympus summit area, from S
Mt. Olympus summit area, from W
Mt. Olympus and Snow Dome, from NW
IGY (International Geophysical Year) Station on Mt. Olympus
Mt. Tom, from S
Valhallas (Baldur in foreground, Munin, Woden, Thor behind) 
Valhallas (Thor, Woden, Munin, Geri-Freki Glacier)
Valhallas (Thor, Woden, Munin, Baldur, Geri-Freki Glacier)
Mt. Queets and Mt. Meany, from N
Mt. Meany, from E
Mt. Meany, from NW
Mt. Carrie, from E
Mt. Carrie, from SE
Mt. Carrie, from S
Mt. Carrie, from W

The Tree at Lone Tree Pass on the Bailey Range, aerial/winter
The Tree at Lone Tree Pass, ground/summer (1975, 2004, 2007). (See more comparisons with my parents old photos.)