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"Fire Lookouts and the Heart of the Pasayten Wilderness"
Sourdough LO, Desolation LO, Slate Peak LO, Goat Peak LO, Mebee Pass LO, Hidden Lake LO, Lookout Mtn LO, Skagit, Shull, Osceola, Carru, Lago, Ptarmigan, Blackcap, Monument, Robinson, Azurite, Ballard, Needles, Ragged Ridge, Eldorado
FEBRUARY 2, 2013

This 346-mile aerial adventure took us through the heart of the remote Pasayten Wilderness, where we photographed the wilderness’s massive summits such as Osceola, Carru, Lago, Ptarmigan, Robinson and Azurite. We also swooped by seven snow-encased fire lookouts, sturdy sentinels of human history surviving year after year of harsh Cascades winters.

The flight path is shown to the right. (This flight line is made with actual GPS data.)

A couple of videos:

Flying into the somewhat murky Arlington Airport to get fuel before our 300+ mile flight photographing mountains and lookouts. Nice landing! Video at 2x real time just for fun.

Takeoff from Arlington Airport, going through a thin cloud layer to bluebird skies and gleaming mountains beyond. Notice we flew pretty low for awhile due to the fact the fog layer thinned out to the north of the airport. Video at 2x real time just for fun.

Some photos of seven snow-clad fire lookouts:

The buried Sourdough Lookout
The buried Sourdough Lookout
Desolation Lookout and it's wind cirque
Slate Peak Lookout
Slate Peak Lookout
Goat Peak Lookout
The forlorn Mebee Pass Lookout at Mebee Pass. Built in 1933, this is the last "L-5 cab" type structure known to exist. Reference.
The Mebee Pass Lookout stands against its 80th Cascades winter, waiting for the inevitable storm that will collapse its walls forever.
Ski tracks at Hidden Lake Lookout
Hidden Lake Lookout
Lookout Mountain Lookout

Some photos of snow-clad mountains (mostly Pasayten Wilderness area):

Skagit Peak
Mt. Shull
Osceola Peak (Mt. Carru behind)
Mt. Lago (Osceola Peak behind)
Mt. Lago, Mt. Carru, Osceola Peak
Osceola Peak
Mt. Carru and Mt. Lago
Ptarmigan Peak
tree shadows on Ptarmigan Peak
Blackcap Mountain and Monument Peak
Robinson Mountain
Robinson Mountain
Azurite Peak and Mt. Ballard
Azurite Peak
The Needles
Mesahchie Peak, Katsuk Peak
Mesahchie Peak, Katsuk Peak 
Ragged RIdge (Mesahchie, Katsuk, Kimtah)
Eldorado Peak
Eldorado Peak
Eldorado Peak
Eldorado Peak and The Triad