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"Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness and a Pink Pickets Encore"
Black, Stiletto, Liberty Bell, Early Winter Spires, Silver Star, Wine Spires, Oval, Bigelow, Reynolds, Goode, Storm King, Buckner, Sahale, Eldorado, Despair, Southern Pickets, Northern Pickets, Blum
FEBRUARY 15, 2013

The main destination of this 327-mile dual-flight aerial adventure was the eastern side of the crest: Silver Star Mountain and the Wine Spires, Liberty Bell and the Early Winter Spires, and the massive Oval Peak, Mt. Bigelow, Reynolds Peak, and McGregor Mountain of the Chelan-Sawtooth Wilderness. A spectacular display of pink lenticular clouds inspired a 40 minute encore flight over the Picket Range.

The flight path is shown to the right. (This flight line is made with actual GPS data.)

Black Peak
Stiletto Peak
Liberty Bell and Early Winters Spires
Silver Star Mtn
Lenticular clouds developing above Silver Star Mtn 
Silver Star Mtn and Snagtooth Ridge
Wine Spires
Oval Peak
Oval Peak
Oval Peak
Mt. Bigelow
Reynolds Peak
Reynolds Peak
Mt. Goode
Storm King and Mt. Goode
Mt. Buckner
Ripsaw Ridge, flying saucer, and Mt. Buckner
Cascade Pass and Sahale Peak
Flying saucer above Eldorado Peak
More cool lenticulars
And a sundog
And some altocumulus (or possibly cirrocumulus, depending on their altitude)
Mt. Despair
Southern Pickets (L-R: Ottohorn, Himmelgeisterhorn, Twin Needles, The Blob, Terror, Degenhardt, The Pyramid, Inspiration, McMillan Spires, The Stump in L foreground) 
Southern Pickets  (L-R: Ottohorn, Himmelgeisterhorn, Twin Needles, The Blob, Terror, Degenhardt) 
Flying saucers have turned into a brigade above the Northern Pickets  (L-R: Crooked Thumb, Ghost, Phantom) 
Northern Pickets  (L-R: Crooked Thumb, Ghost, Phantom)
Northern Pickets (Mt. Challenger) color and black and white
Mt. Challenger in pink alpenglow
Mt. Blum
Mt. Blum

Video clip:

Flying over the wintery Picket Range glowing in the day's last rays of light.

Soundtrack: Our Shangri-La, Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris, All The Road Running (live version).