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"Evening Laps around Mounts Baker and Shuksan"
Baker and Shuksan
MARCH 18, 2013

It was one of the last winter evenings before winter officially transitioned into spring. We made laps around Mounts Baker and Shuksan, which had freed themselves from the thick layer of clouds that enveloped the rest of the Cascades in order to bask in the light of the setting sun. I took video footage while John snapped still photos. 

The flight path is shown to the right. (This flight line is made with actual GPS data.) It represents about 140 miles and 1 hour of flight.

Video #1:
Flying around the west side of Mount Baker
Soundtrack: Journey of the Sorcerer, The Eagles

Video #2:
Flying around Mt. Shuksan
Soundtrack: I Dug Up A Diamond, Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris