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"Ticking Off the Hundred Highest"
Monument, Blackcap, Lake, Lago, Lost, Big Craggy, West Craggy, Sunrise, McLeod, Goat Peak Lookout, Wine Spires, Gardner, North Gardner, Oval, Star, Courtney, Raven Ridge, Pinnacle, Castle Rock, Flora, White Goat, Tupshin, Bonanza, Dumbell, Dumbell NE, Fortress, Chiwawa, Buck, Napeequa, Clark, Luahna, Miners Ridge Lookout, Green Mtn Lookout, etc.
MARCH 23, 2013

The goal of this 382-mile aerial adventure, on the fourth day of spring 2013, was to photograph several of the highest summits of the Methow Mountains, Chelan Mountains, Okanogan Range, and Central North Cascades. In just a couple of hours, we photographed 32 of Washington’s Hundred Highest summits, as well as passed by several others that we had already extensively photographed in prior flights. Quite the aerial peak bagging adventure!

(Note that the following photos are just a selection of my favorites from the day, so they neither include all 32 nor are limited to the 32 Hundred Highest summits photographed during this flight.)

The flight path is shown to the right. (This flight line is made with actual GPS data.)

Not too many people get to see sunrise this way.
Morning cloud deck over the Cascades
Monument Peak and Blackcap Mtn
Lake Mtn
Lake Mtn
Mt. Lago
Lost Peak
Big Craggy North (front), Big Craggy (behind left), West Craggy (right)
Sunrise Peak
Sunrise Peak
Sunrise Peak
McLeod Mtn
Goat Peak Lookout
Wine Spires (near Silver Star)
Gardner Mtn (left), North Gardner Mtn (right)
Oval Peak
Star Peak
Seance Peak (left front), Star Peak (middle back), Courtney Peak (middle back right), Buttermilk Ridge (right)
Raven Ridge (high point at distant end)
Pinnacle Mtn
Castle Rock (front right), Flora Mtn (back left)
White Goat Mtn (front), Tupshin Peak (behind)
Bonanza Peak
Dumbell Mtn (behind left), Northeast Dumbell Mtn (front right) (note the slide track)
Fortress Mtn, Chiwawa Mtn
Fortress Mtn
Fortress Mtn (b/w version)
Fortress Mtn
Buck Mtn
Buck Mtn (behind ridge)
Napeequa Peak
Clark Mtn, Luahna Peak
Miners Ridge Lookout
The buried Green Mtn Lookout
The buried Green Mtn Lookout