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"A Sunny Spring Afternoon in the Enchantments"
Johannesburg, Buckner, McGregor, Bowan, Abernathy, Hoodoo, Switchback, Martin, Cashmere, Cannon, McClellan, Stuart, Sherpa, Argonaut, Dragontail, Little Annapurna, Enchantment, Temple Ridge (Prusik Peak), Glacier, etc.
APRIL 1, 2013

The goal of this 2h23min, 360-mile aerial adventure was to photograph the peaks of the Enchantments, which were now free of the clouds that had enveloped the summits on our flight to this spot a few days previous. We photographed quite a lineup of rocky snow-peppered summits: Mt. Stuart, Sherpa Peak, Argonaut Peak, Colchuck Peak, Dragontail Peak, Little Annapurna, McClellan Peak, Enchantment Peak, Temple Ridge (Prusik Peak), Cannon Mountain, and Cashmere Mountain. Also, en route to the Enchantments, we made a looping path in order to photograph several other prominent peaks on the way. 

The flight path is shown to the right. (This flight line is made with actual GPS data.)

Towering northern walls of Johannesburg
Mt. Buckner (which summit is higher?)
McGregor Mtn
Bowan Mtn
Abernathy Peak, NW side
Abernathy Peak, east side
Hoodoo Peak
Switchback Mtn (note the switchbacks on the ridge)
Martin Peak
"Cheops" (satellite peak just north of Martin Peak)
Cashmere Mtn, north side (Mt. Stuart and Mt. Rainier in distance)
Cashmere Mtn, south side
Cannon Mtn (Mt. Stuart behind)
McClellan Peak (Mt. Rainier is distance)
Mt. Stuart and Sherpa Peak, south sides
Mt. Stuart, south side
Mt. Stuart, west ridge, color and b/w
Argonaut Peak
Dragontail Peak
Dragontail Peak, a nice view of Triple Couloirs
Little Annapurna through Asgard Pass
Little Annapurna
Little Annapurna
Enchantment Peak above Enchantment Lakes basin, Prusik Peak on right
Enchantment Peak
Prusik Peak, south face
Temple Ridge
Glacier Peak
Glacier Peak