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"Magical Mountain Mystery Tour (and completion of our quest to photograph the Highest Hundred)"
Amphitheater, Cathedral, Remmel, Windy, Moxes, Custer, Redoubt, Challenger, Fury, Luna, Pickets, etc.
APRIL 16, 2013

Our primary goal of this 292-mile 1h53min aerial adventure was to photograph Amphitheater Mountain and Windy Peak in the far eastern Pasayten Wilderness, but as we flew eastward the clouds became murkier and murkier. We were just about to give up and turn around when the clouds parted and gave us entry to the wild mountain landscape below. On the flight back to the airstrip in Concrete the clouds parted yet again around Redoubt and the Pickets, revealing the spectacular snow-clad spires. 

The flight path is to the right. This flight line is made with actual GPS data.

This was a monumental flight for John and me, since it was on this flight that we completed our quest to photograph the Highest Hundred summits of Washington. For me, Amphitheater Mountain was #99 (John had photographed Amphitheater on a previous flight), while for both of us Windy Peak completed the list. So how long did it take to photograph the Highest Hundred? Well, that is somewhat difficult to quantify since while most flights involve passing by and photographing at least one of the Highest Hundred, no flight has been done solely for the purpose of photographing summits of the Highest Hundred. And John and I did not start conciously pursuing the Highest Hundred until sometime in 2012, when we realized that I was in low 70s and John was in the high 80s. Some of the summits we've photographed several times, while other summits just once. I suppose I mark the beginning of my (then unknown) quest to photograph the Highest Hundred as my first flight with John in December 2008. (John's first mountain flight was in December 2001, for comparison.) Which means that it took me 4.5 years, 35.3 flights, and 9430 air miles. The overlay of all of these flights is shown in the map on the left. One thing is for sure, it's probably safe to say that John and I are the only two people to have photographed (by air) all of Washington's Highest Hundred summits.

For a list and map I put together of the Highest Hundred summits of Washington, click here.

Amphitheater Mtn, Cathedral Peak, Grimface Mtn
Virga on the horizon behind Amphitheater Mtn
Virga on the horizon behind Cathedral Peak
Cathedral Peak
Remmel Mtn
Windy Peak
NW Mox and SE Mox
NW Mox and SE Mox
Mt. Custer
Mt. Redoubt I
Mt. Redoubt II
Mt. Redoubt III
Mt. Redoubt IV
Mt. Redoubt V
Mt. Challeger
Mt. Fury
Luna Peak
Luna Peak
Late afternoon sun behind the Southern Pickets
Sunlit Southern Pickets