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"Mount Rainier and the Chilliwacks"
Rainier, Little Tahoma, Rahm, Custer, Redoubt, Moxes, Bear, etc.
MAY 1, 2013

The purpose of this early morning flight was to get “better photos” of Little Tahoma and Mt. Rahm. Of course along the way we photographed other peaks too! Since we started before sunrise, we were back on the ground by 8am, what a way to start the day! Flight distance: 390 miles; Flight time: 2 hours 27 min.

The flight path is shown to the right. This flight line is made with actual GPS data.

The three north-side ridges of Mt. Rainier: Curtis Ridge, Liberty Ridge, Ptarmigan Ridge.
A closer look at Curtis Ridge.
A closer look at Liberty Ridge and Ptarmigan Ridge.
Little Tahoma
Little Tahoma and Mt. Rainier
Looking into the Silver Lake cirque: Mt. Custer (L) and Mt. Rahm (R)
Mt. Rahm and Silver Lake below
Mt. Custer, north side
Mt. Redoubt, north side
Moxes (SE Mox on right), with Mt. Redoubt behind left
Moxes (SE Mox on right)
Towering E walls of SE Mox
Bear Mtn, north side
Mt. Fury, SE side
Wet slide activity on the arm of Mt. Fury