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"Aerial Reconnaissance of a Landslide at the Terminus of the Deming Glacier on Mount Baker"
Baker (Deming Glacier), Shuksan
JUNE 6, 2013

Early in the morning on May 31, 2013, a sizable debris flow descended the Middle Fork of the Nooksack River, which drains off the Deming Glacier of Mount Baker. The event was detected on seismometers, the gauge down at Deming, and on turbidity meters. A week later, John Scurlock and I flew around the Deming Glacier terminus in hopes of spotting the source of the debris flow. We discovered a sizable landslide on the muddy walls just above the terminus (to the NW).

Here is an article about the debris flow written by geologist Dave Tucker. The article contains lots of great photos of the debris flow which help give a sense of scale to the aerial photos posted on this page. The Bellingham Herald also published an account of the debris flow and its potential danger to hikers in this article.

The flight path is shown to the right. This flight line is made with actual GPS data.

Baker landslide
This photo marks the location of the landslide at the terminus of the Deming Glacier.
Close up view of the landslide (on left in photo) just off the terminus of the Deming Glacier.
Another close up view of the landslide, photo by John Scurlock. The annotations in the upper photo are by John, and the lower photo by geologist Dave Tucker.
Remnants of the resulting debris flow in the Middle Fork of Nooksack River.

(climbed the North Face of Mt. Shuksan three days after these photos were taken.)
Shuksan from west.
Shuksan from west (North Face on left skyline).
Shuksan North Face on left.
Nooksack Tower, Price Glacier, North Face.
Nooksack Tower, Price Glacier.
Nooksack Tower, Price Glacier.
Jagged Ridge, East Nooksack Glacier.