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"An Autumn Potpourri"
Mebee Pass Lookout, North Twentymile Lookout, Kangaroo Ridge, Liberty Bell, Larches, Southern Pickets, Northern Pickets, etc.
OCTOBER 26, 2013

This 300-mile 2-hour aerial adventure was an autumn potpourri of fire lookouts, larches, and mountains. 

The flight path is shown to the right. This flight line is made with actual GPS data.

Mebee Pass Lookout
Mebee Pass Lookout
North Twentymile Lookout
North Twentymile Lookout
Kangaroo Ridge
Liberty Bell group from the north
Liberty Bell from the north, Blue Lake Peak behind
Yellow larches near Rainy Pass
Yellow larches near Rainy Pass
Inspiration, McMillan Spires (Southern Pickets)
Mt. Challenger, Crooked Thumb, Ghost, Phantom (Northern Pickets)
Mt. Challenger
Summit area of Mt. Challenger
Challenger from Challenger Arm, Mt. Fury and Swiss Peak behind
Challenger from Challenger Arm
Rugged northern walls of Mt. Fury and Swiss Peak