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"Six Snowy Fire Lookouts"
Pilchuck Lookout, Miners Ridge Lookout, Green Mountain Lookout, Copper Mountain Lookout, Winchester Lookout, Park Butte Lookout, Glacier Peak, Chaval, Redoubt, Slesse, Larrabee, American Border, Canadian Border, Shuksan, Baker, etc.
DECEMBER 8, 2013

On this chilly afternoon flight, John Scurlock and I photographed six snow-encased lookouts and enjoyed a beautiful evening above the wintery North Cascades.

The flight path is shown to the right. This flight line is made with actual GPS data.

Pilchuck Lookout
Cloudcap on Glacier Peak
Miner's Ridge Lookout
Green Mountain Lookout
Green Mountain Lookout
Fracture line on slopes below Green Mountain Lookout
Mt. Chaval
Mt. Chaval
Copper Mountain Lookout
Mt. Redoubt and Bear Mountain
Mt. Slesse
"Mirage" is caused by plexiglass of plane window.
Winchester Lookout
Mt. Larrabee
American Border Peak and Canadian Border Peak
Mt. Shuksan
Mount Baker
Park Butte Lookout