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"Five Fire Lookouts of the North Cascades"
Heybrook Lookout, Evergreen Lookout, Alpine Lookout, Sugarloaf Lookout, Tyee Lookout, Glacier Peak, etc.
DECEMBER 16, 2013

On this 2-hour 292-mile flight we photographed five fire lookouts and were treated to a beautiful alpenglow show on Glacier Peak during the flight back to Concrete.

The flight path is shown to the right. This flight line is made with actual GPS data.

Heybrook Ridge Lookout
Evergreen Mountain Lookout
Evergreen Mountain Lookout (Gunn Peak and Jumpoff Ridge behind)
Evergreen Mountain Lookout (Gunn Peak and Jumpoff Ridge behind)
Alpine Lookout
Sugarloaf Mountain Lookout (Glacier Peak in distance)
Sugarloaf Mountain Lookout
Tyee Mountain Lookout
Glacier Peak from the SE (near Lake Chelan)
Fire-scorched landscape near Chelam
Glacier Peak alpenglow I
Glacier Peak alpenglow II
Glacier Peak alpenglow III
Glacier Peak alpenglow IV
Glacier Peak alpenglow V
Sunset view from above the Cascades