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"Mount Baker and Dramatic Clouds, Stills and Video"
JULY 1 and JULY 26, 2011

The main goals of these two flights was to shoot some video footage of Mount Baker as well capture John Scurlock in photographic action. The conditions on the two flights were completely different and both truly spectacular: on July 1 a beautiful lenticular cloud capped the summit, while on July 26 the summit poked above a blanket of clouds. Below, a couple of short video clips and a handful of still shots give an idea of the amazing evenings aloft.

No flight path is shown for these flights. Basically, we flew around and around Mount Baker for about 90 minutes each time.

Lenticular cloud.
Climbers heading towards cloud cap.
Lenticular cloud.
Lenticular cloud.
Sherman Peak, crater, and summit.
North Face.
Cool clouds.
Hanging out and reflecting.

Aerial Footage 1: Lenticular Cloud over Baker
Unedited aerial footage taken July 1, 2011 using a Canon 5D in live view video mode. I've left the audio as flight noise to give an idea of what it's like up there in the plane. Pretty cool to see a lenticular cloud from above!

Aerial Footage 2: Flying around Colfax Peak
Unedited aerial footage taken July 26, 2011 using Canon 5D in live view video mode. I've replaced the audio with an appropriately-titled song "Dreamscape."