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"Two Cascades Monoliths and a Beautiful Pink Evening"
Stuart, Dragontail, Prusik, Glacier
DECEMBER 4, 2011

I had never been able to get a good photo of Glacier Peak, so the goal of this flight was to get one. At the last moment, we decided to leave a bit earlier and first fly 45 miles south of Glacier Peak to the Mt. Stuart massive. The evening light was spectacular: Glacier Peak bathed in alpenglow against a magnificent pink and blue horizon—I think I finally got my good photo of this iconic Cascades summit!

The flight path is shown to the right. Click to enlarge. (This flight line is made with actual GPS data.)

Mt. Stuart
Mt. Stuart
Dragontail Peak
Prusik Peak
Glacier Peak, 4:00:42 pm
Glacier Peak, 4:02:03 pm
Glacier Peak, 4:03:55 pm
Glacier Peak (ridge), 4:05:18 pm
Glacier Peak, 4:12:02 pm
Glacier Peak, 4:13:20 pm
Glacier Peak, 4:13:44 pm
Glacier Peak, 4:17:17 pm