Note: Over the years the focus of my website has shifted more towards climbing trip reports, so I stopped actively updating my photography section around 2015 or so. But, there are still several great photos here, so enjoy!

In January 2011, I owned a 12mm fisheye lens (made by Lensbaby) for a weekend. With its 160° field of view and focal point that nearly touches the lens, the fisheye allows the photographer to capture eye-popping angles, creative focus points, and unique perspectives. It's a really fun lens. Unfortunately, I discovered that since my Canon 50D does not have a full-frame sensor, the edges of the fisheye image fell outside of the range of my camera's sensor, causing a loss of some of the fisheye effect. I knew I would be frustrated that I could not maximize the use of the lens, so I returned it to the camera store. I will wait until Canon makes an EF-S fisheye or I acquire a full-frame camera, whichever comes first. I can see some real potential for a fisheye lens and photography of starry night skies!

Below are some of the photos I took over the course of the weekend I owned the fisheye lens. I
n some of the photos, I used Photoshop to add the effect of a full-frame sensor.