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Labeled Panoramas, Posters, Photo Comparisons, Fire Lookouts, Articles (Clouds, Night Photography), Statistical Studies, Drawings, etc.

I seem to have an insatiable need to document the world around me in unique and informative visual ways. Often I find myself forsaking my school work for other projects, such as creating sight lines on maps to make a labeled panorama; paging through a guidebook to make a timeline of first ascents; drawing route lines on an annotated map of a logging road approach to a trailhead; searching a database of my parents' photos to compare the size of a glacier I've photographed; or conducting a statistical analysis on summit titles. It is my goal to somehow make this unique passion into a career someday.

This "Projects" section has become a unique and popular component of my website. Various categories can be accessed via the links below (or the sidebar). Also, my trip reports contain several additional route overlays, posters, labeled panoramas, etc. that are not presented on these pages.

If you are interested in a larger-resolution image for printing, please email me.


Photography and Climbing Related "Projects"
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