I seem to have an insatiable need to document the world around me. This page has some posters I have created to present  information about a variety of topics that happen to pique my interest (such as mountaineering route maps, climbing timelines, highest summits, largest glaciers, national parks, fire lookouts, state birds, photo collages, and much much more). Many of these unique posters look great hung on the wall!

If you are interested in a full-resolution image for printing, please email me. I usually ask about $20 for a full-resolution JPEG file that you can print at any size.


Climbing Routes on Mt. Rainier

Overlays of the most popular routes. Makes a great 16x20 poster!

Labeled Heinrich Berann illustration of NCNP

Click here for to see more Berann artwork posters.

Fire Lookouts in Washington

Map I put together of the 87* old fire lookouts still standing in Washington (as of 2013). It is my goal to eventually visit each one of them, either from the ground or the air. This makes a great 24x18 poster for lookout enthusiasts.

I've also put together a webpage specifically devoted to fire lookouts in Washington.

(*Update Jan 2013: The original 2010 edition of this poster displayed 92 standing lookouts. Between 2010 and 2012, at least three lookouts—Kloshe Nanitch and Lone Mountain on the Olympic Peninsula and Pine Mountain near Yakima—became "standing no more." The poster has been updated to remove these three lookouts.)

(*Update Oct 2013: In the summer of 2013, the Sopelia lookout on the Yakama Reservation burned down and the Flagstaff lookout from the Colville/Kaniksu NF was moved to the town park at Northport. The poster has been updated to remove these two lookouts.)

As the years progress, more lookouts will inevitably fall into unrecoverable disrepair. Also, it is likely there are a few obscure standing lookouts that are not identified here. I try to keep my fire lookout records as accurate as possible, so I would appreciate being notified if/when any more of the remaining 87 fire lookouts are no longer standing.

Reference links:

Fifty Classic Climbs of North America

This poster gives a map and list of Steck and Roper's Fifty Classic climbs, which have become a sort of "tick list" of some (not all!) of the best climbs in North America. Makes a great 18x24 poster.

100 Highest Summits in Washington

A map and list of the 100 Highest Summits in Washington (Bulger List). Check off the ones you've climbed until you've stood on all 100 summits! The background image shows Mt. Shuksan (#10) in winter twilight. 18x24 poster.

State High Points

A map of State High Points with summits scaled to elevation. 24x36 poster.

Volcanoes of the Cascade Volcanic Arc

This poster shows the sixteen major volcanoes of the Cascade Volcanic Arc, resulting from plate subduction along the west coast. The Garibaldi Volcanic Belt is just an extension of the Volcanic Arc into Canada. These are the volcanoes that are classified a “potentially active” by the USGS; all but four of them (Cayley, Garibaldi, Jefferson, and Crater Lake) have recorded volcanic activity during the past 4,000 years. The most recent major eruption was of Mt. St. Helens in May 1980; the gaping crater of Mt. St. Helens is displayed in the background image of this poster. Other volcanic formations and dormant volcanic peaks are not shown on the map. The poster was created by Steph Abegg, 2011, using a modified image from the USGS website. Makes a great 18x24 poster!

State Birds

A beautiful one-of-a-kind poster of the State Birds (the birds are actual photographs!). I am trying to get this published. 18x24 or 24x36 poster. (The version that is posted is NOT the full-resolution version, so contact me if you want the full-resolution version for printing.)


Cartograms are maps that use distortions to emphasize trends or characteristics. They can produce some very interesting and informative results when used to display statistical data. I made a series of these sorts of posters. To see more go to my Cartograms page.

Slab Avalanche Before and After

Slab avalanche (with labels) in Feb 2010 in Necklace Valley, North Cascades, WA.

Bird Posters

Some bird collages I put together of North American birds (top one shows all 800 species listed in the Sibley bird guides) and birds on Saturna Island, BC. These make great posters, but I have the only copies due to copyright issues (I used images from the Sibley bird guides).

Glaciers of the North Cascades

Map of the largest glaciers in the North Cascades (1971 study data). 

Two versions. 16x20 and 18x24.

Glaciers of the Olympic Mountains

There are 15 Glaciers of the Olympic Mountains recognized by the USGS Board of Geographic Names, listed in the USGS GNIS Database. Glaciers with unofficial names are shown in brackets.

Glaciers on Mt. Olympus

More fun with glaciers....

Glaciers on Mt. Rainier

A drawing of the 25 named glaciers on Mt. Rainier. Nice for printing at 8.5x11 size.

First Ascent Chronology of Washington's Highest Summits

List compiled by John Roper (see, graphics by Steph Abegg. 24x36 poster.

First Ascents in the Olympics

Timeline of recorded first ascents in the Olympic Range, WA.

Access Roads into the Olympics

Major Access Roads into Olympic Range, WA.

Hiking Elevation Profile for the Walker's Haute Route

Hiking profile for the Walker's Haute Route in the Swiss Alps (click link for trip report).

Excel plots of Peaks

Plots of peaks in the North Cascades, Olympic Mtns, and all peaks in WA over 2200ft.

Radial View of Peaks from Hidden Lake Lookout

Radial view of peaks that can be seen from the Hidden Lake Lookout, North Cascades, WA.

Radial View of Peaks from Mt. Pilchuck Lookout

Peaks you can see from the Mount Pilchuck Lookout, North Cascades, WA.

Map-Collage of Saturna Island

A map-collage of Saturna Island, BC (click for link to my page with more photos from the beautiful Saturna Island!).

Composite Images

Kind of cool. Composite images of Bluebirds, American Kestrel, and Red-tailed Hawk. Click here to see my bird photography page.

Climbing areas from Bellingham, WA

This map shows rock climbing areas you can day-trip from Bellingham, WA.

Solar Eclipse, Frame-by-Frame

This graphic shows the progression of a solar eclipse on May 20, 2012. I was with my dad in southeast Oregon at the time, and we drove 3 hours (6 hours round trip) to situate ourselves in the eclipse path for this potentially once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon travels in front of the sun. In the photos shows here the moon was near its farthest point of its elliptical orbit around the Earth (i.e., near its apogee), so it did not completely cover the sun. This kind of eclipse is termed "annular" rather than "total."

To the right is a photo showing how the shadows from this tree were made into arcs because of the eclipse. Pretty cool!

Spring Avalanche Activity in the North Cascades

Frame-by-frame avalanche activity, spanning 55 seconds. From my trip report for Oakes Peak & Salvation/Hellfire Peak in May 2012.

58 National Parks of the United States

This 18x24 poster shows the 58 National Parks of the United States. As of 2011, I've been to 26 National Parks, and it is my goal to go to all of them eventually!

Oregon Coast Bike Route

The Oregon coast makes a great 7-10 day bike trip. There are established bike lanes and campsites along the way. This 18x24 poster was created using an artistic combination of maps and details from the Department of Transportation Oregon Coast Bike Route Brochure. (Note: typos in bottom credits corrected in master file.)