Bugaboos in a Day
(Aerial Photography Adventure)

(winter conditions)

(with John Scurlock)

TR #: 138

Category: British Columbia/Alberta       

"Partner" (Friend/Pilot): John Scurlock

Bugaboos, Valhallas, and more....


(Map below might take awhile to load. Click to enlarge.)
6:31 AM : Sunrise
7:22 AM : Take-off from Concrete Airport
8:19 AM : Land in Kelowna, clear customs
8:52 AM : Take off from Kelowna
9:38-10:31 AM : Bugaboos
10:39-11:02 AM : Mt. Farnham, Mt. Peter, Mt. Delphine, Jumbo Mtn, Mt. Earl Grey, Redtop Mtn, others
11:22-11:36 AM : Valhallas
11:52 AM : Land in Nelson, get fuel
3:02 AM : Take-off from Nelson
3:45 PM : Land in Oroville, clear customs
4:08 PM : Take-off from Ororville
4:52 PM : Land at Concrete Airport
6:03 PM : Sunset

Flight distance: 822 miles
Flight time: 5h 24min

Click on the map on the left to see our flight path, which was made created from the output of a GPS recorder taking a data point of our location at 1 second intervals over the course of the day.


"Heart of the Bugaboos" labeled pano.
Howser Towers from the S
S Howser Tower, Beckey-Chouinard route
N Howser Tower, W Face
Howser Towers from the N
Pigeon Spire
Bugaboo Spire, NE Ridge; Snowpatch Spire in background
Snowpatch Spire in foreground, Howser Towers in background
Bugaboos from the E: Howser Towers, Pigeon Spire, Snowpatch Spire, Bugaboo Spire
Looking into the Bugaboos from the N (over the shoulder of Vowell)
Bugaboos from the N: Bugaboo Spire, Snowpatch Spire, Pigeon Spire, Howser Towers
Bugaboos from the N: Bugaboo Spire, Snowpatch Spire, Pigeon Spire, Howser Towers
Snowed in Kain Hut
Vowell/Thunderstorm Tower
Vowell/Thunderstorm Tower

  Some summits photographed on flight between Bugaboos and Valhallas
Mt. Farnham and Farnham Tower
Mt. Peter
Jumbo Mtn
Ski tracks on Jumbo Mtn
Redtop Mtn

Quite a lineup! Dag, Batwing, Wolf's Ears, Gimli, Niselheim, Midgard
The impressive north side of Dag
A color version of the impressive north side of Dag
Prestley and Gimli from the SE
Midgard (left), Asgard (behind), Niselheim (front), Gimli (front), from the S
Wolf's Ears, Batwing, Dag from the W
Gimli W side
Gladsheim and Asgard from the NW
Gimli from the N
Gladsheim from the E
Gladsheim from the SE

Wow. Didn't believe we'd pull it off until we actually did it.
Thanks John.


The towering granite spires of the Bugaboos offer some world-class alpine rock climbing. I've climbed some of the classic routes of the Bugaboos, and definitely will return again. Links to trip reports:
I've also been to the Valhallas on foot a couple of times. These granite spires are lesser known and a bit smaller than the Bugaboos, but offer some great climbing sans crowds. There is also a lot of potential for new routes in this area. Links to trip reports:

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