Route: Upper South Side W-E Contour (snowy late fall conditions)

TR #: 179

Category: Washington (Mtn Loop HWY)        Summit Elev: 5,420 ft       Rock Type: Altered volcanics

Partners: Matt Burton, Eric Johnson

To the top of an obscure summit on the Mountain Loop Highway. The fresh snow made gaining the actual summit somewhat sporty.

Matt on the small summit of Independence Peak.

(Map by Matt Burton.)
The map shows several route options. Our route went by Independence Lake and up to the pass NE of Independence Peak; from here, we wrapped around the south side of Independence and then scrambled to the summit. So this connected the pass with the yellow line contouring around the summit on the map.


I never really had time to write a trip report. So if you are interested in this summit just take it on as a doable adventure!

Independence Peak from the trail just before it descends to North Lake. We wrapped around the right and around the south side and came up the upper east ridge.