SAUK Mountain
Route: Snow-covered trail (snowshoe)

TR #: 108

Category: Washington (HWY 20)       Summit Elev: 5,541 ft       Rock Type: Old volcanics

Partner: Sue Abegg

A popular summer hike that is more adventurous and less crowded once snow begins to accumulate.

November snowcover high on the Sauk Mountain trail.


The following page gives a map of our route, trip stats, and photos from this gorgeous snowy hike with my mom.


Total trip: ~8.5 miles, ~2100 ft gain/loss, ~5 hours
  • 9:13 AM : ~3,400 FT : Park car once we hit snow on the road; start hiking up road
  • 10:13 AM : 4,350 FT : Official trailhead 
  • 11:56 AM - 12:33 PM : 5,541 FT : Summit
  • 1:44 PM : 4,530 FT : Official trailhead 
  • 2:30 PM : ~3,400 FT : Car


Aerial photo of Sauk Mountain (taken after this trip, in February 2012). This photo represents winter conditions.
We parked on the road at about 3400 ft, about 2 miles from the trailhead. We could have probably driven a bit further, but just a few hundred feet higher and the snow was too deep to drive anyway. By December, there is often snow on the road down to the highway level, making it a very long 8 mile roadwalk to get to the peak. Once at the official trailhead, it is a mere 2.5 miles and 1200 ft to the top.
Surface hoarfrost alongside the road.
Surface hoarfrost alongside the road.
My mom at the official trailhead sign. It took us an hour to get here from where we parked our car. From here, it is a mere 2.5 miles and 1200 ft to the top.
The trail goes across this slope. An easy trail in the summer, this becomes icy in the fall, and an avalanche track in the winter and summer.
Icicles are cool. Cold, actually.
Approaching the freshly snow-dusted summit of Sauk Mountain.
On the summit ridge of Sauk. Skagit and Sauk Rivers a few thousand feet below.
Hiking out. It is pretty up here when there is snow.
Freshly snow-laden trees in the afternoon sun.
Mini snowman spotted at the trailhead parking lot.