POINT 6708 (TEEBONE Ridge)
Route: from south, starting on Lookout Mtn / Monogram Lake trail (snowy)


TR #: 341

Category: Washington (HWY 20)       High Point Elev: 6,708 ft 

Partners: Matt Burton, Kirsten Capps, Stefan Feller, Carla Schauble

North Cascades snowshoeing at its best.

On the ridge just below Point 6708.


Teebone Ridge is a T-boned shaped ridge running generally south to north on the western edge of the North Cascades National Park just east of Marblemount. Big Devil and Trapezoid form the top of the T and Little Devil to the south forms the base of the T. Just west from the summit of Little Devil is a highpoint called Point 6708 on the USGS map. This highpoint is the closest part of the ridge to the Cascade River Road. A vertical mile above the road, Point 6708 makes for an athletic day of snowshoeing. It also boasts panoramic views of the surrounding jagged white-capped Cascades, with Eldorado dominating the view to the east.

On this glorious winter day, I joined Matt, Carla, Stefan, and Kirsten to snowshoe to the top of Point 6708. For me, this trip epitomized snowshoeing in the North Cascades. 

The following page gives a short trip report for the adventure. What a day! 


gpx file
Map showing Teebone Ridge. Point 6078 is at the location marked "Teebone" in the image. GPS track.
(GAIA map screenshot)
GPS track.
(Google Earth screenshot)
GPS track.

Round trip TH to summit, GPS track: ~10 mi;   +/- 5,500 ft

~9.5 hours (includes breaks)
Car to TH: 20 minutes
TH to Ridge below Point 6708: 5 hours
Ridge to top of Point 6708: 15 minutes
Descent: 2 hours 40 minutes


We parked at the National Forest sign about 0.4 miles from the official Lookout Mountain trailhead on Cascade River Road. We probably could have driven the road to the actual trailhead without a problem, but when in doubt good to be conservative.
Large icicles alongside Cascade River Road.
Lookout Mountain Trailhead. The route to Point 6708 starts on this trail and then cuts off right and up after the junction with the Monogram Lake trail.
Filtered light in the beautiful forest.
Survey plaque on a bearing tree. I was curious about what this plaque was for, so I did a bit of google research after the trip. A bearing tree is used to help locate property corners and boundaries. When a property corner is destroyed or removed, surveyors rely on bearing trees to help determine where the property corner was originally located. If a corner remains intact, a bearing tree also serves as a marker for surveyors to verify that the corner hasn’t been moved to a different location. 
At around 5000 feet elevation, the forest dissipated and the views began to open up.
An old slide on the south-facing slopes of the basin. Fortunately, the snow conditions were quite stable on this particular day. There are a fair number of slopes to ascend on this route, so it would not be a good choice if the slopes were unstable.
We traversed over to the right side of the basin to see if we could ascend the ridge, but when we got over there and looked up the ridge, it was apparent we would need to swap our snowshoes for crampons. But Stefan and Kirsten had not brought crampons. So, given that the snow conditions we stable, we decided to instead ascend the snow slopes of the basin to the left of the ridge.
Ascending the snow slopes at the head of the basin.
Stefan just seconds away from seeing what the view on the other side is like....
....and here it is! Glorious! Eldorado and The Triad dominate the view to the east, and Monogram Lake is nestled below.
Matt, Kirsten, and Carla reaching the ridge about 500 feet below Point 6708.
Group photo on the ridge about 500 feet below Point 6708: Matt, Carla, Kirsten, Stefan.
We stopped here for a lunch break before making the final push to the top of Point 6708.
Another photo taken on the ridge below Point 6708. It is pretty flat here and Carla had camped here a few winters previous.
Starting up Point 6708.
On top of Point 6708.
Looking northeast down Teebone Ridge towards Little Devil from the top of Point 6708.
Peak on Teebone Ridge between Little Devil and Big Devil Peaks. I think it is called "Baksit Peak".
Big Devil Peak at the north end of Teebone Ridge.
Mount Baker in the distance to the northwest.
A couple of photos of Eldorado to the east.
The Triad is just left of center. The prominent peak in the distance on the right is Johannesburg.
A frozen Monogram Lake below. Some skiers had crossed the lake. The ridge just above the lake would be a nice area to ski or snowshoe as well.
Beginning the descent back into the basin. A vertical mile to the car....
We made quick work of the snow slopes on the descent.
Lookout Mountain to the west. Notice the lookout on top. Lookout Mountain Lookout also makes a great snowshoe destination. I've been up there twice in the winter.
Back into the forest. This side of the valley faces south, so we enjoyed the same magical filtered light as we had on the ascent, with the light rays coming from the west instead of the east.

Entertaining trip report from some skiers who we saw heading to Monogram Lake the same day. And remember, "If you’re gonna go do edibles or eat candy you found on the trail because you have the impulse of a small child, stay hydrated, folks."