3. Photography

Links on this page will direct you to the Photography & Projects section of my website.

Photography Main Page

Nightscapes, Aerial, Animals, Birds, Bugs, Flowers, Clouds, Mountains, Saturna Island, Woodland Park Zoo, Fisheye, Timelapses, Panoramas, Photography Road Trips

Note: Over the years the focus of my website has shifted more towards climbing trip reports, so I stopped actively updating my photography section around 2015 or so. But, there are still several great photos here, so enjoy!

Night Photography and Aerial Photography

My most popular and unique images are my nightscapes and aerial photographs. My night photography page (link below) displays several unique night photos, as well as provides some tips and tricks of night photography. My aerial photography page (link below) provides links to several photosets of winter flights over the North Cascades, Canadian Rockies, and more.

Other Photography Categories

In addition to the night and aerial photography, my website also has pages displaying other categories of my photography, such as "Nature Photography," "Unique Photography," "Specific Places Photography," and "Photography Road Trips."  Some of these pages were created when I first began my website in 2005, when the primary intent of my website was to share my photography (I bought my first point-and-shoot digital camera in 2002 and my first DSLR in 2005). I continue to add photos and unique categories to this photography section, so it's become somewhat overloaded.

Most of these photos were taken with my Digital SLR, currently a Canon 50D. I primarily use 4 lenses: wide angle, standard zoom, macro, and telephoto. Click the link below to see a full listing and descriptions of my photography equipment.

"Nature Photography"

"Unique Photography"

Some of these are also listed in the Projects section of my website.)

"Specific Places Photography"

"Photography 'Road' Trips"

Some of these are also listed in the Trip Reports section of my website.)

If you are interested purchasing an image, I offer the full-resolution image files for any of my photos for about $20. Email me (Steph) at sabegg@gmail.com.