My "To-Climb" List

Climbs I hope to do and climbing areas I hope to get to, from close to home to far and wide around the world. This list is by no means exhaustive and it is always growing.

Looking for partners!

In the time since I moved to Colorado in Summer 2019, I have met some awesome climbing partners and had some awesome adventures. Even so, I am always looking for partners who are athletic, motivated, fun, and live for long days in the mountains moving efficiently over large amounts of technical terrain. Please shoot me an email ( if you are interested!

To-Climb List by state

States are listed in order of how close they are to my home in Boulder, Colorado. Expand dropdown lists to see specific climbs I'd like to do.


(Rocky Mountain National Park, Black Canyon, ...)

I moved to Boulder in Summer 2019, and I am psyched to explore more of what the state has to offer. Already I have climbed several awesome routes. But for every climb I tick off my to-do list, a few more are added....

Rocky Mountain National Park:

Lumpy Ridge:

Black Canyon of the Gunnison (roughly in order of difficulty):

       North Rim:

  South Rim:

South Platte:

Pikes Peak:

Mt. Evans:

Indian Peaks:

Colorado National Monument:

The Crestones:

Pine River:



(Wind Rivers, Tetons, Vedauwoo,  ...)

I've made a few trips into the Cirque of the Towers, Deep Lake, and Tetons, but still have some climbs I'd like to do in these areas.

Cirque of the Towers:

Deep Lake:

Wind Rivers:


Devil's Tower:

Laramie Range area:

Sinks Canyon:

Wild Iris:


(Moab, Indian Creek, Zion, ...)

With my academic schedule and home in Washington (until 2019), I've only been able to squeeze in a couple of late-summer climbing trips to climb desert towers in Moab or a few cragging routes in Zion, but I've never climbed anything big in Zion and I have only climbed a few times in Indian Creek. But hopefully more now that I live a fair bit closer.

Moab desert towers:

Indian Creek:


New Mexico

(Questa Dome, ...)

I've never climbed in New Mexico, but there's got to be some good rock climbing there and I'd like to check it out.

South Dakota

(Needles, Rushmore area, ...)

I've climbed only a couple of times in South Dakota, but there's got to be some good rock climbing there and I'd like to check it out.


(Blodgett Canyon, Gallatin, ...)

I've only made one climbing trip to Montana (where I climbed a bunch of classics over the course of two weeks), but I just loved the Montana vibe and will be back to check out more climbing here.

Blodgett Canyon:


(Elephant's Perch, Sawtooths, City of Rocks, ...)

I've only climbed a few times in Idaho, at City of Rocks and Elephant's Perch, and I'd go back to either location to climb some more.


City of Rocks:


(Red Rocks, ...)

I just love Red Rocks. I've been there several times, but every time I leave with a few more climbs added to my list. There's a lifetime worth of climbing there.

Red Rocks:

      Routes <500 feet (roughly in order of difficulty)

      Routes >500 ft and <1000 feet (roughly in order of difficulty)

      Routes >1000 feet (roughly in order of difficulty)


(Cochise, Sedona, ...)

The extent of my Arizona climbing is just a few Winter Break trips to Cochise Stronghold and Sedona. It is a great winter climbing destination and I plan to return to Cochise for sure.

Cochise Stronghold (roughly in order of difficulty):

       East Side:

  West Side:

Sedona (roughly in order of difficulty):


(Sierra, Yosemite, Needles, Tahquitz, Joshua Tree, ...)

California has some awesome granite and I've climbed a fair bit in the High Sierra and Yosemite, but still have a lot of great routes on my list. And some routes have been so good I'd happily repeat them.



Southern CA:


(Cascades, Smith Rock, Trout Creek...)

There's not a huge lot of rock climbing in Oregon outside of Smith Rock and Trout Creek (both areas I'd go to if I were passing by but not make a special trip for), but someday I need to get to the top of Mt. Hood. 


(North Cascades, Pasayten, Olympics, Rainier, ...)

Washington was my home state from 2008-2019, so I've climbed a lot there, but still have several objectives remaining on my list....

Single summits/climbs:

Trips with multiple days/summits:

Canada (mostly BC)

(Chehalis, Pasayten, Squamish, Canadian Rockies, Bugaboos, Valhallas, ...)

I've done several climbing trips into southern British Columbia and been to the Bugaboos a few times, but there is just so much terrain and so many things left to climb!

Squamish (this list is sort of short at the moment because I have done a lot of the routes that were once on it!):

Chehalis Range:

Pasayten/Cathedral Provincial Park:


Canadian Rockies:

Coast Range:

Other areas:


I've never climbed in Alaska, but hopefully someday I'll get the opportunity.


(Dolomites, Alps, Himalaya, Patagonia, ...)

Besides for a couple of hikes in the Swiss Alps and a few days in the Italian Dolomites, I've not really climbed at all outside of North America. But there are so many cool areas I'd like to check out, when/if I have time/money...


South America:

South Asia:

New Zealand:



Fify classic climbs and Beckey's 100 Favorite climbs of north america

Also on my "to-climb" list are any climbs from Fifty Classic Climbs of North America (this list was originally published in 1979 by Steve Roper and Alan Steck; it has become sort of a life-tick-list for several climbers) and Fred Beckey's 100 Favorite North American Climbs (by none other than Fred Beckey). These two lists are provided below for reference. I have climbed a handful of these great routes, and have linked respective trip reports (if I have climbed via a different route, the link is given for the main formation rather than the route). Lots of great routes in my climbing future!

Fifty Classic Climbs of North America

This list was originally published in 1979 in Fifty Classic Climbs of North America by Steve Roper & Alan Steck. It has become sort of a life-tick-list for several climbers.

Poster I made showing the locations of the Fifty Classic Climbs of North America. Click to enlarge.

Note: Various sources give some variation in route grades and classes.

IV 5.8 AI3
V 5.8 AI4
V ice/cornices
VI 5.9 A2 WI3-4
VI 5.9 A3

III 5.2
III 5.7
V 5.8 A2 or 5.10
V 5.6
IV 5.7
IV 5.6
IV 5.6
V 5.7
IV 5.6
V 5.8 A2 or 5.10

II 5.2
V 5.9 A2
III 5.4
V 5.9 A3

II 5.6-5.7
IV 5.7
III 5.6
IV 5.8
IV 5.7 A3
IV 5.8
II 5.5

III 5.7
III 5.7
III 5.7
V 5.7 A4 or 5.12a

III 5.7 A2 or 5.9
III 5.9
IV 5.8 A3

III 5.6 A1 or 5.9
III 5.5 A3 or 5.10 A2
V 5.9 A3
IV 5.9 A1 or 5.10
VI 5.9 A3 or 5.11
VI 5.11 A3
VI 5.10 A3
III 5.4
III-IV 5.9
IV 5.8
III 5.7
II 5.9

Alaska and the Yukon

1 Mount Saint Elias, Abruzzi Ridge
2 Mount Fairweather, Carpe Ridge
3 Mount Hunter, West Ridge
4 Mount McKinley, Cassin Ridge
5 Moose’s Tooth, West Ridge
6 Mount Huntington, West Face
7 Mount Logan, Hummingbird Ridge
8 Middle Triple Peak, East Buttress

Western Canada

9 Mount Sir Donald, Northwest Arete
10 Bugaboo Spire, East Ridge
11 South Howser Tower, West Buttress
12 Mount Robson, Wishbone Arete
13 Mount Edith Cavell, North Face
14 Mount Alberta, Japanese Route
15 Mount Temple, East Ridge
16 Mount Waddington, South Face
17 Devil’s Thumb, East Ridge
18 Lotus Flower Tower

The Pacific Northwest

19 Mount Rainier, Liberty Ridge
20 Forbidden Peak, West Ridge
21 Mount Shuksan, Price Glacier
22 Slesse Mountain, Northeast Buttress
23 Mount Stuart, North Ridge
24 Liberty Bell Mountain, Liberty Crack


25 Devil’s Tower, Durrance Route
26 Grand Teton, North Ridge
27 Grand Teton, Direct Exum Ridge
28 Grand Teton, North Face
29 Mount Moran, Direct South Buttress
30 Pingora, Northeast Face
31 Wolf’s Head, East Ridge


32 Crestone Needle, Ellingwood Ledges
33 Hallett Peak, Northcutt-Carter Route
34 Petit Grepon, South Face
35 Longs Peak, The Diamond, D1

The Southwest

36 Shiprock
37 Castleton Tower, Kor-Ingalls Route
38 The Titan


39 The Royal Arches
40 Lost Arrow Spire
41 Sentinel Rock, Steck-Salathe Route
42 Middle Cathedral Rock, East Buttress
43 Half Dome, Northwest Face
44 El Capitan, The Nose
45 El Capitan, Salathe Wall
46 Mount Whitney, East Face
47 Fairview Dome, North Face
48 Clyde Minaret, Southeast Face
49 Charlotte Dome, South Face
50 Lover’s Leap, Traveler Buttress

Fred Beckey's 100 Favorite North American Climbs

by Fred Beckey and Barry Blanchard, first published (hardcover) in 2012 by Patagonia, Inc.

Note: Various sources give some variation in route grades and classes.


IV class 4-5

III  5.5

II-III 5.4-5.6

III 5.9

II-III 5.8

III+ 5.5

III 5.9

III-IV class 5 & steep snow


II-III class 4

V 5.9+

IV 5.9+ A1 or 5.11-


III 5.10a



IV class 4-5

IV 5.9 A1


IV 5.10c

IV 5.10c

III 5.9+

IV-V 5.9 A1

IV 5.7 possible rime



II+ 5.4

III+ 5.6-5.7

II-III 5.5


II+ class 4


IV+ 5.7

IV 5.7


IV 5.7+

IV 5.10b or 5.7 A2

III class 4

III 5.4

II-III 5.6+

III-IV 5.8

VI 5.8 A2/A3

V 5.10-

IV 5.10a

III 5.8

IV 5.8

III 5.7

III 5.5

IV 5.8

IV 5.10

II 5.6-5.8

IV 5.9

III 5.8

V 5.10 and A2

IV-V 5.11a-b or 5.9 A2

III-IV 5.9+

III 5.10a or 5.9 A2

II 5.4

III 5.8+

II-III 5.10a

III 5.9

III 5.8

IV 5.9+

V 5.11d or 5.7 A2

III 5.7

V 5.7 A1

IV+ 5.11 A0 or 5.10 A1

IV 5.10b A2

IV 5.8 A2 or 5.9+

III 5.7

III-IV 5.9

II class 4

II 5.6

III 5.9

IV 5.10c

IV 5.9+

III 5.7

V 5.9 A1

III+ 5.8+

V 5.9 A3

III-IV 5.9+ or 5.10c

III 5.9

II-III 5.9

IV 5.8 A2

IV-V 5.8 A2 or 5.10 A1

IV-V 5.5-5.8 A2

II-III 5.8

II 5.7 A0 or 5.10c

III 5.8+

III 5.8

IV 5.10-

IV 5.9

IV 5.10

III 5.9

III 5.9

II 5.8


IV 5.10c


Pacific Northwest

1 Mt. Rainier, Kautz Glacier
2 Mt. Rainier, Ptarmigan Ridge
3 Mt. Index, North Peak
4 Mt. Stuart, West Ridge
5 Snow Creek Wall, Outer Space
6 Forbidden Peak, East Ridge
7 Mt. Goode, Northeast Buttress
8 Inspiration Peak, East Ridge
9 Mt. Fury, North Buttress
10 Mt. Baker, North Ridge
11 Mt. Shuksan, Fisher Chimneys
12 Slesse Mountain, Northeast Buttress
13 South Early Winter Spire, East Buttress
14 Mt. Hood, Yocum Ridge
15 Smith Rock, Zebra to Zion
16 Mt. Shasta, Hotlum Glacier


17 Mt. Deborah
18 Mt. McKinley, Northwest Buttress
19 Mooses Tooth, Ham and Eggs Couloir
20 Mt. Seattle

British Columbia Coast Montains

21 Squamish, Squamish Buttress
22 Squamish, Angel's Crest
23 Squamish, Snake
24 Golden Klattasine, West Buttress
25 Mt. Waddington, Southeast Chimney
26 Mt. Monarch
27 Kates Needle

Canadian Rockies, Selkirks, & Bugaboos

28 Mt. Assiniboine
29 Mt. Louis, Kain Route
30 Eisenhower Tower, Dragon's Back Route
31 Mt. Lefroy
32 Mt. Victoria, Southeast Ridge
33 Mt. Athabasca, Silverhorn
34 Mt. Edith Cavell, North Face
35 Oubliette Mountain, East Buttress
36 Mt. Robson, Kain Face
37 Adamant Mountain, South Buttress
38 Ironman, Southwest Buttress
39 Mt. Sir Sandford, Northwest Ridge
40 Mt. Sir Donald, Northwest Ridge
41 Bugaboo Spire, South Ridge
42 Snowpatch Spire, Snowpatch Route
43 Snowpatch Spire, E Face, Beckey-Mather
44 South Howser, W Buttress, Beckey-Chouinard
45 Gimli Peak, South Ridge

High Rockies

46 Grand Teton, Lower Exum Ridge
47 Grand Teton, North Ridge
48 Mt. Owen, Crescent Arete
49 Mt. Moran, C.M.C. Route
50 Musembeah Peak, West Buttress
51 Fremont Peak, West Buttress
52 Pingora Peak, South Buttress
53 Warrior I, Northeast Face
54 Shark's Nose, Southwest Face
55 Cathedral Lakes Peak, Orion's Reflection
56 Elephant's Perch, The Beckey Direct
57 Little Cottonwood Canyon, The Thumb
58 Lone Peak, West Face, Triple Overhangs
59 The Flatirons, Third Flatiron
60 Eldorado Canyon, Ruper
61 Lumpy Ridge, J-Crack
62 Lumpy Ridge, Mainliner
63 Hallett Peak, Culp-Bossier Route
64 Spearhead, Sykes' Sickle
65 Longs Peak, The Diamond, D7
66 Crestone Needle, Ellingwood Arete

Sierra Nevada

67 Lone Pine Peak, South Face
68 Lone Pine Peak, Bastille Buttress
69 Whitney Portal Buttress
70 Day Needle (aka Hilda Crooks Peak), E Buttress
71 Mt. Whitney, E Buttress (aka The Peewee Route)
72 Mt. Russell, Fishhook Arete
73 Thunderbolt Peak
74 Cathedral Peak, Southeast Buttress
75 Daff Dome, West Crack
76 Fairview Dome, Lucky Streaks
77 Calaveras Dome, Sands of Time
78 Half Dome, Snake Dike
79 Washington Column, South Face
80 Charlotte Dome, South Face
81 Angel Wings, Wings Over Sequoia
82 Warlock Needle, South Face
83 Voodoo Dome, White Punks on Dope

Southwest Desert

84 Castleton Tower, North Chimney
85 Kingfisher Tower, Colorado Northeast Ridge
86 Zion Canyon, Touchstone Wall
87 Zion Canyon, Prodigal Sun
88 Granite Mountain, The Classic
89 Cochise Stronghold, What's My Line?
90 Cochise Stronghold, Moby Dick
91 Red Rocks, Frogland
92 Red Rocks, Dream of Wild Turkeys
93 Red Rocks, Crimson Chrysalis
94 Red Rocks, Black Orpheus
95 Tahquitz Rock, Whodunit
96 Tahquitz Rock, The Open Book

Appalachian Mountains & Mexico

97 Looking Glass Rock, The Nose
98 Mt. Washington, Pinnacle Gully
99 El Gran Trono Blanco, South Face, Baile del Sol
100 Pico de Orizaba, Ruta Norte