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If you want to use the Search Box at the top of my website to look for a trip report, it is best to go to the specific state page first. (This is due to the fact that my website is actually 20 different sites merged into one, but the searches are not merged.) Scroll below to links to state pages.

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Climbing, road tripping, and aerial photography adventures in Colorado, Washington, British Columbia, California, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, North Carolina, Kentucky, Alberta, Switzerland, and Italy.

Mountains in my Blood

Mountain adventure has always been a part of my life. My parents met while backpacking in the Olympic Mountains in the summer of 1974, and proceeded to spend much of the 70s and early 80s trekking around Washington's rugged ranges. I was born in May 1983, and just three months later they took me on my first overnight backpacking trip near Mt. Temple, Alberta; I was eaten alive by bugs, but reportedly I had a smile on my face the entire time. My first real alpine climb was at the age of 11, when my dad and I climbed Overhanging Tower in the Wind River Range of Wyoming. My technical climbing skills developed during my undergraduate years (2002-6) at Stanford University, situated just a few hours from Yosemite. Since then, I have lived numerous days following and continuing my parents' boot tracks, mountaineering and climbing all over western North America. At this point, I cannot imagine a life without climbing.

My website provides trip reports for numerous big climbs and multiday mountain expeditions, as well as a few exciting roadtrips and aerial photography adventures. No matter how tough or long the climb, my camera and insatiable need to document always come along, so my trip reports contain plenty of photos and beta.

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My To Climb List

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Climbing partners

Click here to see a list of all of my climbing partners from 1994 to present.

trip report stats


The white graphs on the left show the Number of Trip Reports vs. Year, State, and Season.

The grey graphs on the right show the Number of Days vs. Year, State, and Season. These numbers are higher than the number of trip reports, since most of my trip reports span more than just one day of adventuring.

Chronology summary


The following tables show the same information that is presented in the graphs above.

The table below summarizes all of my trip reports by year, location, and season. 

Chronology summary

The table below summarizes the number of days represented by my trip reports by year, location, and season. These numbers are higher than the number of trip reports, since most of my trip reports span more than just one day of adventuring.

Chronology summary

Spotfire Analysis

And I doubt anyone will scroll down this far, but if you do, here is a bunch of rainbow mountains representing all of the summits I have stood on top of over the years. The data is trelised by year, and colored by state. I used Spotfire, which is a powerful (yet still limited — I wanted the vertical lines to show up as peak shapes, I wanted finer gridlines on the y-axis, I wanted shaded background representing the seasons (so I made my own in Photoshop, ....) software I use for my work as a data analyst.

I created this on February 18, 2024. I might continue to update it, or not. There's really no point to it other than I like to visualize data.