climbing Partners 1994-present

This page gives a list of the people I've climbed with over the years.

My ideal climbing partnership is one in which my partner and I become a natural team, with similar objectives and climbing styles. I relish a partnership that lasts for several years and climbs, developing into a friendship as much as a climbing partnership. I do have a few partners (both from WA and not from WA) that I climb with pretty consistently. Even so, it's hard to find partners with the same schedule, motivation, and climbing goals. In order to climb as much as I do, I've resorted to finding many of my partners using partner posts on mountainproject or on message boards at climbing areas. Climbing with random people has been part of the adventure of some of my climbing road trips. Some excellent adventures, some not so excellent, but mostly great experiences with mostly awesome people from all areas of life. Below is a list of people I've climbed with over the years.

(This list is only for partners who appear in my trip reports. If I cragged with a person but never wrote a trip report about it, this person will not appear on this list. Also, the "total trips" might not be totally representative of the total days I've climbed with a partner, because some trips are just 1 day and some are multiple days.)

A table listing all of my climbing partners over the years and how many trip reports they appear in:

Untitled spreadsheet