Trip Report Chronology

My trip report chronology lists (and links) my trip reports in reverse chronological order. This gives an idea of how my climbing has progressed over the years (beginning with my first alpine climb at 11 years old, on a family backpacking trip in the Wind River Range of Wyoming). It is also useful for summarizing the seasons and locations of my climbing. The clickable maps, area lists, and this timeline page all contain the same complete listing of trip reports, just in three different organizational formats.

Also, click here to see a list of all of my climbing partners from 1994 to present.

links to chronological listing by year

Full chronological listing of my trip reports, starting at the most recent.

trip report stats

The table below summarizes all of my trip reports by year, location, and season.

Chronology summary

The data in the table above plotted as Number of Trip Reports vs. Year, State, and Season.

Chronology summary