Trip Reports by State

I have organized my climbing trip reports on my website by state (in fact, each state gets its own website). The clickable maps and area lists accessed off this page contain the same complete listing of trip reports as my chronology, just in different organizational formats.

navigation of my trip reports by state

Use either the clickable map or the alphabetical state listing to navigate to see all of my trip reports for a specified state.

Clickable Map

Click on the locations on the map to navigate to trip reports via maps. 

New version using Google maps:
Icon key:
Link to state page
Old version using Photoshop (still updated, but no longer clickable): 

Alphabetical lists by State

Click on a state to see a list of trip reports. The lists provide thumbnail images, routes and dates, and links. The trip reports are also noted by season (summer, fall, winter, spring).

United States

(home state: July 2019 - present)
(home state: Sept 2008 - June 2019)

Canada and Europe

(home province: July 1995 - Aug 2008)